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Projekt 1065 by Alan Gratz Book Review


Let me just say, this book is awesome. Like, really awesome. I didn’t want the book to end. And yet it did.

Set in 1940’s Berlin as World War II rages, Michael O’Shaunessey and his parents are Irish spies for the Allied Forces.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I’m this huge history nerd sometimes, and let’s just say this book cured my longing for a thrilling, accurate, edge-of-your-seat downright amazing book about history.

Michael is really awesome. I fell in love with him, literally. He’s believable and relatable and his style of narrating is fiery and interesting. You get hooked from the first page and don’t want to come back from the violent, brutal, secretive, world that Michael lives in.

Oh, and did I mention he hides a pilot in his house, and if the pilot is found Michael could die? I mean, that’s pretty scary. But it’s also suspenseful. You’ll always be wondering what happens next.

And the ending is so unpredictable. But I’m not going to spoil it for you.

Michael’s got an amazing memory. It’s photographic, so he can remember things really well. But he’s not perfect. He’s also scared of heights.

He has to face that fear in order to continue with the Hitler Youth, and it is critical that he does continue so he can remain friends with Fritz so he can get the plans for Projekt 1065.

See how it all just fits perfectly together?

With humor, sorrow, life-changing secrets and a touch of romance, you’ll take this book everywhere with you as you wonder what will happen next in the ever changing world you fell into.

This book isn’t happy, and the ending is anything but a fairytale ever after. It’s not for the faint of heart. People die, and if you imagine things vividly while reading like I do, then certain scenes may give you nightmares.

But it is really awesome. I give it 10/10, and would recommend it to anyone.

Cursed Child Fanfic · Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fanfic Chapter Four: Albus

For the first and probably last time in my life, I was up early on a Saturday morning. It was 9:30 in the morning, and I was already waiting for Hazel so we could go to a Quidditch match. It was my first-ever date. Ever. I was excited, kinda scared, worried, happy, the feeling made me want to throw up with nervousness.

But before I could puke, Scorpius caught up to me.

“Albus! There you are!”

Of course Scorpius is here. He sounds insecure, like he has something to tell me, but isn’t sure if he should.

“Hello Scorpius” I say. He’s going to the Quidditch match to watch Rose play.

“Are you really awake, or am I dreaming?”

“You are dreaming”

“Are you really going to the Quidditch match with Hazel?”


“She’s already downstairs”

“Oh.” I didn’t know that. “Thanks.”

“Ask her some things” he tells me. I’m wondering why.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you remember Peter Lloyd?” He asks. “That ugly git who was convinced I was the son of Voldemort and who’s one goal in life was to make you miserable? That guy?”

“Yeah” I say. “What does he have to do with all this?”

“He’s used to go out with her”

I gape at him. “No.” I say in my disbelief. This can’t be true. Hazel hates him, but because of other things.

“Yes. He wanted her back, but then you came along.”

“How, may I ask, do you know all this?” Scorpius rarely talks to anyone. People pretty much ignored him too.

“He’s got a lot of pictures with her. Actually, most of them are from two years ago.” He says. “Also, James told me.”

“James? When did you and James become such great friends?” I’m losing my temper now. Inexplicably.

“I just told him about you, and then he told me all about Peter.” Scorpius says. He’s also losing it. “I’m just telling you, why are you so mad about it?”

I don’t know why. “Why can’t you just be happy for me? One good thing happens in my pathetic life and you have to come ruin it.” Scorpius has ruined it. I’m now imagining Hazel and Peter snogging, giggling together, dancing. It’s disgusting. Them together.

“Why do you only ever think about yourself!!!” Scorpius yells at me. “Why can’t you just shut up and be happy with your life, because it’s perfect. Just perfect. You have a mother and a family who love you, and you just too proud to admit it. Your going out with a girl. You pass every exam and ace every test. And you can’t just accept it. You have to dump it all on me. And I have to comfort you, you, who’s so pathetic he can’t even notice that maybe I’m falling apart. You don’t care, Albus Potter. You never will care.”

I take it all in. I do care, very much actually. “I’m sorry Scorpius.” I say. Because I really am. “What happened?”

“Everything. The world fell on me.” He’s not yelling anymore. He’s just solemn. But his face is full of emotion. Like he might burst into tears. “My dad a letter. My-” He chokes a little. “My mother was murdered.”

I look at him. His mother died two years ago, but she was sick.

“I didn’t know.” I say.

“Neither did I.” He said. “They- they just found out. A few days ago. And my dad sent me an owl.” He’s crying now. He’s trying not to show it, but I offer him my shoulder anyway. He starts sobbing into it. It’s rather uncomfortable, but Rose wouldn’t let him sob on her like this, and his dad’s at Malfoy Manor. I, I realize, am the only one left to comfort him.

That’s not an easy task.

“Albus Severus?” I hear Hazel coming. She sees me. “I was downstairs I-” she notices Scorpius sobbing. “What happened?”

“Some rather disturbing news.” I say.

She sits down next to us on the window ledge. We’re an odd party. A hot girl, sitting with two misfits, one sobbing into the other uncontrollably.

“Scorpius.” I say.

“Yeah.” He says. He sees Hazel, then dries his tears on his sleeve. “Well, you better be off then.”

“What happened?” she asks again. This time probably for Scorpius.

He swallows. “Albus can tell you.”

“Okay.” She says. She’s taking this remarkably well. “Er- Rose asked me yesterday if you where coming to the match. Are you going?” she asks Scorpius.

“Yeah.” He says, getting up. He’s not crying anymore.

“Alright. Uh-shall we be off, then?” I ask nervously.

We go to the Quidditch pitch in silence. Scorpius walks off to the stands before we even offer for him to come to the Gryffindor change rooms. We’re off to wish James luck.

“Hello James.” I say when I see him. Hazel’s not here yet, she’s talking to someone.

“What do you want?” He asks.

“I want to wish you luck.”

And then Hazel’s with us.

“Albus. There you are.” She says, coming up to me. “Oh, Hey James.”

He stares at her. “Hi.” He says. He seems nervous in her presence. Not so cool now, huh James Potter?

“Come on Albus Severus.” she says, and then, out of nowhere, she stands up on her tiptoes and touches her lips to my cheek.

I smile sheepishly. But I try to remember everything about those 5.4 seconds. The warm tingly feeling of her lips, the look on James’s face (he was staring with his mouth open. Literally.), the sound of people running to find seats in the crowd.

But then it’s over, and Hazel’s running behind the stands. I run after her, because I want another kiss. And also because I don’t want to hear what James has to say to me. I’ll let him stand with his mouth open a little longer.

She bursts out laughing before I can say anything. I just watch her. She’s wearing a blue Ravenclaw Quidditch hoodie and black pants. Her dark wavy hair is up, and the laces on her grey high tops are coming undone.

“Did you see his face!?” She asks.

I laugh a little at the memory of it. “Yeah.”

Then she literally falls down laughing. After a few seconds she catches her breath, and just lies on the grass, looking at the sky.

“Ever wish you could live in the clouds?” she asks me. She has this whimsical aura to her question.

“Yeah.” I say before I realize it. “All the time. There would be no problems in the clouds.”

“Yeah.” She’s still looking at the sky.

“It would be like… a castle in the air.” The words just fly out of me before I realize them. It would be nice. I sit down next to her.

“I don’t see why people play Quidditch.” I say, hoping she’ll identify with me.

“Me neither.” She answers, still looking at the clouds. “It’s really dangerous. The points don’t make too much sense either.

We keep talking until the game ends (Gryffindor lost!!) and then we venture into the crowd. They disguise us pretty well, and we almost make it back to the castle with them. Almost.

But then it starts raining.

Pouring really.

The shrieks of the crowd, the thumping of footsteps, all peoples desperate attempts to make it back to the castle. We follow them, but don’t quite make it. We’re soaked by the time we find shelter under a little architectural decorative side thingy in the corner of the castle that’s far from the actual doors to the castle, but at least we’re dry.

I recognize it. This place serves as a sanctuary for me sometimes. I fit rather nicely in it, but with Hazel here it feels a lot smaller. She’s closer to me than she’s ever been before, right in front of me.

She looks up at me. Wet hair sticks to the sides of her face. She looks up at me and smiles. I catch myself smiling back at her.

“At least the game ended.” She says, looking out at the rain that’s still pouring.

“Your happy for them? I would’ve liked to see James try to fly in the rain.” I say. This may sound heartless, but James is James. And I am Me.

“Ha.” She says. She looks back at me. I wish she could stop staring at me like that. Well, I’m staring at her too. I wonder, for a moment, what I look like. Staring at a girl, looking deep into her eyes, noticing every feature of her face, her prominent nose, her lovely lips. Her lips are slightly parted…

And then we’re kissing. I’m entrusting her with myself and giving her everything I possible can and she’s showing me passion. She’s so fierce and strong, yet it’s tender and gentle. Its magical, really. Her arms are around my neck now and I’m pulling her up around her waist. There’s nothing now. Only her. Hazel.

It feels like it lasts forever but ends quickly. She pulls away a little, but I go back to kissing her because I don’t want it to end. Finally, it’s me who backs away and I look deeper into her eyes than I’ve ever dared to go.

“I love you, Albus Severus.” She whispers, looking at me.

I pull her in closer to me. “Darling.” I say back, “Your the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

As she rests her head on my shoulder, I stroke her hair and together we watch water fall from the sky, all remnants of pain disappearing.

Cursed Child Fanfic · Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fanfic Chapter Three: Hazel

I have a very hard time concentrating in Divination that afternoon. I met Albus Severus in the library, and now I literally cannot think of anything but him. He’s so adorable, and so good at talking. I was standing there agreeing to everything he said like an idiot, asking my own pathetic questions that will never compare to his perfectly articulate ones. I sigh, remembering his gorgeous eyes. Oh, wait. Class just ended. We have to write an essay about something, but I didn’t catch what it’s supposed to be about. I’ll ask Tatianne. 

I promised Albus Severus I’d talk to him again today, and I really want to. I consider calling him. I’ve known his phone number by heart for years. I heard him telling it to someone once and it just stuck. I’ve never actually called him before. Until today. 

I dial. Wait. He’s definetly out of class by now. He answers. 

“Hello?” Comes the unsure voice I fell in love with.

“Albus?” I say.

“Hazel. Hi. Where are you?” He asks.

“Outside the Divination classroom. Could you, uh…” what to say, what to say?! “Meet me there?” 

“Alright. Wait for me, I’m coming” I hear him walking. He hangs up. 

When I see him coming, after about 6 minutes, I stand up. He smiles awkwardly. It’s cute, actually.

“Hi” I say.

“Hello. How, may I ask, do you know my phone number?”

Oh dang. I never thought he’d ask that. “Uh…” I say. 

“No seriously. I don’t remember calling you or anything.” he says. 

I decide to tell him the truth. “Actually… I heard you tell someone once, and it sorta stuck.” I say. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“No” he says. “Not at all. I was probably going to tell you sometime anyway. So…”

“So…” I repeat. “Why is Scorpius the biggest jerk on the planet?” 

He laughs and starts talking. I’m hanging on to every word. Somehow, we end up in the library. 

“How did we end up here?” He stops talking about this one time he and Scorpius snuck of the Hogwarts Express. 

“No idea” I say. “Let’s find a seat?” I hold my breath waiting for an answer.

“Sure” he says. We sit down next to each other on a squashy couch and he starts talking again. We’re not touching or anything, but I’m close enough to smell his hair and to watch his mouth move while it makes articulate sounds. His eyes light up as he recounts tales to me. I like listening to him talk and before we know it an hour has passed. He’s talking about how easy James is to steal from when Scorpius comes in. 

“Albus?” he says. He looks up. So do I. “What are you two doing here, may I ask, alone?” 

“What wrong with it?” I say. 

He looks, thinks, and then raises his eyebrows at us. “It was true.”

“What?” asks Albus. 

“The quiz. You two are madly in love.”

I can’t help blushing. I notice Albus is blushing too. He’s just embarrassed. I’m in love with him, but he’s just being friendly to me. “No.” I say, mainly for Albus.

He raises his eyebrows again, and says “Your dating now, right Albus?” 

“Yeah” I say. I don’t know why, it just happens. Maybe I have a some natural urging to protect Albus Severus from embarrassing questions. “We’re going to a… Quidditch match on the weekend.”

“Wow” He seems impressed. “I knew Albus would get a girlfriend before me. Alright, I’m off to tell James.”

“You wouldn’t!” Albus says, getting up.

“Relax dude, I wouldn’t.” Scorpius backs up. “Not tell James.” And he runs off before we can say anything to stop him. 

“Well, I see why he was put in Slytherin.” says Albus, falling back onto the couch next to me.

“Ha” I say. And then, because I kind of asked him on a date. “You don’t have to come to the Quidditch match if you don’t want to. I wasn’t even going to go…” I start apologizing.

“No, I’ll go with you.” he says. “I don’t really watch Quidditch either, but I’d like to see James’s face.”

“He’ll be on the pitch, though” I say.

“I know. Gryffindor will lose, and I don’t have to care, because I’m not a Gryffindor.”

I smile. He keeps talking, and I keep listening to the deep, gorgeous, perfect voice that happens to belong to a super adorable Slytherin who agreed to hang out with me, at least this once. And to watch a Quidditch game with me. 

“Hazel Marie?” says a male voice from behind a bookshelf. I turn. The owner of the voice comes out. I should have known. No one else calls me Hazel Marie.

“Peter?” I’m surprised this guy is still talking to me. 

“Uh… I was wondering if you wanted to go the the Gryffindor/Hufflepuff Quidditch match with me this weekend?” He’s asking me out. Peter Lloyd. The nerve.

“I’d rather be burned alive by a dragon that go anywhere with you.” I say. I hate him and he knows it. 

He looks hurt. “I wanted to mend ways” 

“No.” I say. “I don’t watch Quidditch.” 

“Since when?” 

“Since  insensitive jerks started asking me out to matches.”

Silence. “Who’s that?” He asks, gesturing to Albus. 

“Albus Severus Potter” I say. 

“Jeez Hazel, you ditched me for him?” See what I mean by ‘Insensitive?’

“I did.”

“The Slytherin Squib? The son of Harry Potter who refused to live up to his legacy? Him?”

“Yeah. He’s none of that.” It’s making me really mad to hear someone make fun of Albus.  “He is the kindest, friendliest, most loving person in Hogwarts.” I say defensively. “Shut up Peter.” 

“You have a horrible sense of judgement. I’m all of that.” says Peter. He stalks off like he doesn’t know why I’m mad at him. He knows perfectly well why. 

Awkward silence.

“Who was that and why do you hate him?” asks Albus. 

“Peter Lloyd” I answer.

“Oh. That jerk. I strongly dislike him too. Why does Anastasia Hazel Marie hate him?”

I smile. Then get lost in my painful memories. “We used to be really good friends, and then he started acting all weird, and I gave in to it, only to find out there was… other stuff. And we had a colossal fight about. He begged for forgiveness. I couldn’t give it to him. I got over it, but now I hate him.” I give him the simplest explanation.

“I’ll ask you to elaborate on that later.” He says. He must take my short explanation for something that was really torturous to go through and now makes me cry to explain. It is NOT. There’s a silence.

“Anastasia Hazel Marie Antonia Catherine Elizabeth Victoria” I say.

“Who?” says Albus.

“Me. That’s my full name.” I answer. “My mother named me after European Royalty. Anastasia for Anastasia Romanov, Marie Antonia for Maria Antoinette, Catherine for Catherine the Great, Elizabeth and Victoria for English Queens.”

He takes it all in. “And Hazel?” he says.

“My dad chose Hazel. It sorta stuck.” I say. “I prefer it to all the princess names, anyway. I’m not royalty, and I have no idea why I have such a royal name.”

“Who said your not royalty?” 

I laugh. “Society, the world, everyone. Anyway. I really should go to bed.” I say, getting up and grabbing my bag.

“Oh, your tired already?” He asks.

“I don’t sleep through breakfast.” I say. “I expect to see you at the Slytherin table tomorrow morning in the Great Hall.”


“Have a good night, Albus Severus.” 

I get ready for bed and try to sleep. Only I don’t. I get a text from Albus Severus at 12:04 AM, saying he can’t sleep either. We go back and forth joking and talking and sending GIFs until I literally cannot keep my eyes open. I tell him. This is what he sends back:

Goodnight Princess.

I put my phone away and close my eyes. I hear the bubble noise indicating I have a message. I bring it back out. For a split second, there’s a message from Albus saying:

I love you

But then he deletes it, and it’s gone forever. Needless to say, I didn’t get any sleep that night. 

Cursed Child Fanfic · Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fanfic Chapter Two: Albus

I got up involuntarily and got dressed. I had no reason to want to wake up, or get dressed, or even leave my bed. If given the chance, I would sleep through every day until summer break, and then go home and sleep some more. But my teachers where in the midst of torturing me with exams that left me studying late into the night, and if I missed classes my parent’s would probably be cross with me.

Scratch that, they most definitely would be cross with me.

I wouldn’t really care, my father was already ashamed of me, even if he had apologized in a sappy, vomit-inducing father-son talk. And my mother was too nice to hate her own son. I really liked my mother, actually, and that was one of the main reasons I put up with my pathetic life. But I barely got to see her, which is a side effect of boarding school.

I didn’t even want to go to this school. Hogwarts was full of people who hated me. To be fair, I didn’t really like them much either. Except for Anastasia Hazel. But Scorpius had ruined any chance we had of being friends. Or anything more. No, we never had any chance of being anything more. Not at all. She hated me too now. But she did blush when Stupid Scorpius had us take that Stupid quiz. But girls blushed a lot. She did say she may love me. She said maybe. and then she said she didn’t know. I don’t let myself think about this. Optimism just makes reality feel worse when your forced to face it.

Also, the last time I had a crush on anyone their father happened to be a dark lord and they had tried to kill me.

I missed breakfast (slept through it, actually) and made my way to my first class, Divination. After another round of fortune telling and crystal balls, I made way to Herbology. I would be seeing Hazel in Herbology. I was… scared, excited, embarrassed, I honestly don’t know how I felt.

I reached the could-be-sunlit-but-in-November-was-just-gray-and-boring Herbology dome. I hadn’t seen Hazel come down to it, but I sat and plonked my stuff down anyway. In my next class, I would see Scorpius. And promptly kill him. Though, really, he hadn’t ruined much. Just any future friendship with the one other person in school who doesn’t/didn’t hate me.

Thanks a lot Scorpius.

I waited for class to begin. I began, and eventually ended with no sign of Hazel. She had missed class, which was unlike her. I found her friend Tatianne on my way back to the castle. I needed to ask her about Hazel.

“Hey, uh, Tatianne? Was Hazel planning on coming to class today?” I ask.

The short, rainbow-haired girl looked at me. “Do I know you?” she asks.

Right. The whole My-Father-Is-Harry-Potter thing.

“Maybe” I say. “Anyway. Hazel?”

“Why do you want to know?” she says, swirling a strand of dark green hair around her finger (Like I said, her hair is actually Rainbow)

“I, uh, needed to ask her something about class” I say. I really just wanted to know why she didn’t show up to class. And if it was my fault.

“She’s in the hospital wing” says Tatianne, plainly.

“Visiting someone?” I wonder who it could be. A friend who plays Quidditch, perhaps?

“No. She’s there herself.”

I blink at her. “What happened?” I ask. I’m worried now.

“She got hit with a Bludger. It’s not that bad, but she needs bed rest.” Tatianne says. “I saw her last night”

“This was last night?” I say. And she’s still in the hospital wing? This must be bad. “I’m late for something”

I leave. But then I realize that I have no idea where the Hospital Wing is. I ask someone and they tell me where to go. I run. I can’t waste time here, especially if Hazel could be dying.

But wait. Does she even want to see me?? Probably. Not. No, Probably. Not. Oh I don’t care I need to see her. I run some more.

I keep running until I reach the hospital wing. No one questions me. When I make it, I go in to find Madam Pomfrey making the beds. There are no students in there.

“Uh” I say when I see her. “Is, Uh, Hazel Zabini in here?”

“She was, but she left for Defense Against the Dark Arts.” She says. “She had a nasty bruise on her eye from a rogue Bludger. It shattered glass into her face, too. But it’s nothing I couldn’t fix. She’s fine.”

Right. She’s in Defense Against the Dark Arts, and I’m missing Potions class. Admittedly, it’s not the first time Iv’e missed Potions class, and I am relatively good at Potion Making. But we’re learning about some new unit of the Potions book today. And I’m missing it. Oh, dang.

“Right” I say to her. “I, Uh, have class” And I run to the Potions dungeon.

I spend the next hour staring into space and daydreaming about a world where I’m a Gryffindor, Hazel’s my girlfriend, my dad doesn’t hate me, Scorpius was never born and I understand every word of page 4 something of the Potions book.

But no matter how hard I try, that world ceases to exist.

After Potions comes lunch. I have the latest lunch this year, which means I’m starving from dinner to 2pm the next day. I could just go to breakfast, but sleeping is far superior to facing a tableful of people who ignore you. Hazel also has this lunch, and I’m ruminating on going to the Great Hall or hiding out in the library.

The library wins over on account that I can study for Potions because I don’t actually remember anything they said in class. And my O.W.L exams are coming up in spring, and I can’t fail those.

After about half an hour in the library something brings me to look behind me. I gasp. Hazel is sitting against a bookshelf reading. She skipped lunch too. She’s not facing me, thank Dumbledore, but I feel like she knows I’m here. I debate: Should I go talk to her, or wait on it? This is excruciating. Painful, torturous. I have to talk to her, but I’m scared to.

I’m sure if I were her I’d never want to see me ever again.

So I just sit and watch the words of my Potions textbook do nothing. It’s quite boring, but I’m waging a war in my head at the moment. To talk to Hazel or shut my mouth?

I bear with my emotions and decide to shut my mouth.  But I can’t help taking short glances at her. She’s got the most gorgeous… everything. She’s perfect.

I keep up my little glance/turn/try to read sequence until I glance and notice she’s looking at me too.  I’m overwhelmed now. I ignore the little voice in my head that’s saying I’ll regret this later and that she doesn’t want to see me and whatnot and get up to go talk to her.

I chicken out. The voice overtook me before I even got up. I glance again. She’s trying to conceal the fact that she was watching me now. I turn again, she meets my gaze this time. I turn. Someone is staring at us. No, they’re staring at me. I take a moment to consider how stupid I look. Glancing at a girl, turning around, only to turn again.

I glance again, and a wave of confidence takes over me. I get up, walk over to Hazel. Take a deep breath, scold myself for ever getting up, and talk.

“Scorpius is the biggest jerk on the face of the planet”

The words just come out of me. I don’t even know how, I barely heard myself say them, but they flew out. I regret them.

Hazel smiles. I’m assuming twelve hours ago her face wasn’t in the best shape, but it’s perfectly radiant now.

“Yeah” She says. “He really is.”

“Agreed” I say. I sound so stupid! I know I can’t flirt, I’m not even going to try. She’s so perfect, and so articulate. I can’t even make half-decent conversation.

“You skipped lunch too?” she asks.

“Yeah.” I say. “I’m not hungry.”

“But you never come to breakfast.” She says. So she noticed.

“Yeah but… you don’t need too much energy just to sit in a classroom and stare into space.” I still sound stupid.

“You need food to think properly” She says. I’m about to argue that I eat dinner every night.

“What happened in Herbology today?” She asks. Why, I wonder. Oh. She wasn’t there. Right.

“Nothing much” I say. And then, because she can’t know I talked to Tatianne about her absence today, “Why weren’t you there?”

“A rogue bludger flew in from Hufflepuff Quidditch practice and hit me in the face” She says plainly. Don’t these people realize that bludgers are dangerous!

“Ouch” I say, because it must’ve hurt her a lot. “That’s sad” Stupid stupid stupid!! I’m silently ordering myself to consider my words before they fly out of my mouth, but I’m having a hard time with that.

“Definitely.” She says. I wish she would just keep talking so I didn’t have to think of things to say and then say them like an idiot. But she’s stopped.

“So…” I say, trying to break this awkward silence and looking away.

“How did you meet Scorpius?” She asks. “I mean, if you don’t mind me asking.” She looks unsure now. She looks away.

“I met him on my first Hogwarts Express” I say. I dismiss any signs of insecurity from her part now, and focus on talking.

“I’ve never ridden the Hogwarts Express” She says. “What’s it like?”

“Why not?” I ask. This may be considered nosy, but I really want to know. All restriction voices have been muted now. I’m giving confidence a chance.

“I fly in to a muggle city near Hogsmeade” She says. “My aunt gets all my Hogwarts stuff when she goes with my cousins.”

“Oh” I say. I always thought she flew in to London and took the train with the popular girls or her cousins. “The trains cool, but its too overrated.”

“I bet” She says. “We have class in 4 minutes.

“Yes.” I agree. “See you later?” I ask. And then breathe. Waiting for her answer.

“After school, I guess.” She says getting up. I get up too. We walk out in silence, not knowing what to say. I enjoy her presence, and feel that talking is unnecessary. So she’s choosing to not acknowledge the awkward quiz. I’m happy to just be with her right now.

We walk away from each other and to our next classes. Well, she walks. I believe I float.

Cursed Child Fanfic · Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fanfic Chapter One: Hazel

My love story starts on a gray day in November. I was wandering the halls of Hogwarts, listening to music and trying to study. I was hopelessly failing both Astronomy, which I had an exam coming up for that week, and studying for… anything, really.

Wandering around Hogwarts on Saturday afternoon isn’t as fun as you’d think, especially if your alone. I usually had Tatianne with me, but today she was busy with her cousins. It’s not fun being alone, and I don’t know how to be alone.

“Hazel” said a voice behind me.

I look up, unplug my headphones, and stare at the white-blond boy who has walked in on my study session. I recognize him immediately. If I was a Slytherin, he would probably be my best friend. But as fate would have it, I was put in Ravenclaw.

“Hello Scorpius” I say by way of greeting.

“What are you doing?” he asks. Take a look, Mr. Malfoy, what does it look like I’m doing? Of course, I didn’t expect him to understand that I was trying to study. I barely knew him anyway, I had only had to sit over at his house for dinner once while our fathers had a nostalgic talk about the good old days when they where Hogwarts students. I hardly talked to him at school, we had no reason to.

Until now, I guess. I think of how best I could answer his question.

“Studying” I say plainly. I had an Astronomy textbook, after all. I show him.

“Oh. I have an Astronomy exam this week” he says. He didn’t notice that a few seconds before he entered the book was closed and I was staring out the window.

“Yeah. Me too.” I say, and then, because I need help, “Do you wanna study with me?”

He looks confused, but at the same time grateful. “Okay? Yeah. Sure. Here?”

“Anywhere, I guess” I say, I’m also confused that he wants to study with me, but grateful for someone who may understand Astronomy better that I do.

“The Library, and, uh, could I bring Albus?” he says.

“Albus?” I ask, though I know perfectly well who he is. Scorpius doesn’t know that.

“Uh, you’ll see. Let me go get my stuff”

And so he leaves. I walk down to the library, find a table behind some bookshelves, and wait for him. I lay out my stuff. I wait.

He walks in with a bag of books, and behind him follows a boy with jet black hair and deep brown eyes. I recognize him immediately, but don’t say anything. Scorpius and the boy sit down across from me.

“Hazel” says Scorpius. “This is Albus Severus.”

Of course, I don’t need the introduction. I would obviously be able to recognize the boy Iv’e had a crush on since second year. And, admittedly, he was all I could think about sometimes.

“Hello Mr. Severus” I say “I’m Hazel.” We’ve never actually talked to each other. I just watch him from afar.

He looks at me. Stares would be a better word, actually. I feel his eyes. I don’t mind though, and stare back at him. He’s not hard to stare at, actually. He’s quite pretty. Or the boy equivalent of pretty. Whatever that is.

Scorpius intervenes, “Its not Mr. Severus, its Mr. Potter”

“Okay?” I say, still staring at him. He’s turned to glare at Scorpius, though. I wouldn’t want him to stare at me now, anyway. Because I’m also glaring at Scorpius, though not as hard.

“Shut up, you” he snaps at Scorpius. Not aggressively, just annoyed.

“Its the truth. I’m telling her the truth. She probably knew already, anyway”

“Knew that he was… Mr. Potter?” I venture.

“Anastasia Hazel Zabini” I don’t remember telling Scorpius that my first name is Anastasia, but I don’t think too hard about it. My mother must have introduced me then, and she (with the exception of my crazy Grandma) is the only one who actually ever calls me Anastasia. “This is Albus Severus Potter”

I blink at him. I turn to Albus. This is about as awkward as it could possibly get. “Hello… I guess” I say. “are you, like, famous?” I ask, trying to break the awkwardness.

“No.” Albus says. “No. My name is Albus Severus Potter, my father is Harry Potter. I happen to be in Slytherin, which means that people generally stay away from me. Because I’m expected to live up to my father’s legacy or something. There, Scorpius, that’s the truth” He looks away from me now.

Well, at least he was honest. “Oh” I say. “Uh… your Slytherin? cool. I’m in Ravenclaw, but should have been put in Hufflepuff”

“Why?” he asks “I’m sure your clever and witty” He has the most gorgeous British Accent ever. I’d love to hear him say my name, or simply just keep talking so I didn’t have to blush and think of an answer.

“Haha…” I laugh nervously. “Witty, maybe, but not clever.” and then I add, because I don’t want to keep talking about my pathetic self to this perfect being, “Your probably a lot smarter than me”

“What house where your parents in?” he asks, he seems generally interested. In me.

“My dad was a Slytherin. My mom was a Ravenclaw. And my brother’s a Gryffindor.” I say. “But I guess that doesn’t matter.”

“Oh” says Albus. Scorpius has left. We’re alone now. “All my family is or was in Gryffindor.”

“So I guess you broke the system” I smile.

“Yeah…” He’s so cute. Adorable, really. I resist the urge to reach over and kiss him on the spot. But I barely know him. I can’t help but look down at myself.

My brown wavy hair is back in a frizzy ponytail that hasn’t been brushed for 24 hours. I look generally tired. My nails are chipped. I’m wearing some old hockey T-Shirt that at some point belonged to my brother. And let’s not even go to my ripped ‘wandering around Hogwarts’ sweatpants. He, on the other hand, looks perfect.

Scorpius comes back in, holding his laptop.

“Forgot this” he says, sitting down and opening it. I don’t see why he needs it for Astronomy. “You guys wanna take a quiz?” he asks.

“Sure?” I say, mainly to break the awkward silence.

Albus just looks at him nervously.

“Okay. There are 11 questions, and you answer them, and then the quiz, like, tells you things about yourself”

I remember this vaguely from the Princess Diaries. My friend’s back in Canada are obsessed with it, and made us all take the quiz from it. Scorpius made me and Albus type our answers in on separate tabs, and then he promised to tell us all about ourselves.


  1. 3
  2. 7
  3. Albus Severus
  4. Sawyer
  5. Tatianne
  6. Murphy
  7. Scorpius
  8. Tightrope
  9. Despacito
  10. We Don’t Talk Anymore
  11. I Won’t Say I’m in Love

I typed them in almost mindlessly. I waited for Albus Severus to get his answers. He finished. Scorpius looks over them. Then he looked back at us and raised his eyebrows in disbelief. He reads us the answers.

“Add up the numbers in 1 and 2, you have to tell that many people about this quiz.” I have to tell 10 people. Apparently Albus Severus has to tell 5. Lucky him. I just want to get this over with and start studying.

“The person in 3 is the one you love” he says. This is when I realize that Albus Severus is looking at me. “And this is where things get interesting. Are you in love with each other or something?” Scorpius is having too much fun with this. I that moment, all I can think about is what an amazing game show host Scorpius would make someday.

I blush and look down. Albus is looking at me, I feel it. Great. Just great.

Scorpius finishes reading our answers, and I honestly don’t care. All I’m wondering now is, HOW DID THE QUIZMAKERS KNOW??? How did they know I have a crush on Albus Severus Potter, and that I had to take this quiz with him?? and, oh and this is just great, he loves me too! I mean, according to the quiz. I can’t let this go. He’s so sweet, could he really love me?? ME?!

“Hey Albus, Truth or Dare?” Scorpius asks. I won’t let him answer. It’s too embarrassing, but again, if I was thinking about myself in that precise moment I probably would never had got to know Albus and would have been stuck blushing whenever he was around.

“Dare” I say. How bad could this be?
“I never asked you, but okay” Scorpius says. “I dare you to kiss Albus Severus.”

No. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

I look at Albus. He’s having a stare off with the floor and blushing beet red. Its cute, actually, but I’m not going to kiss him. Not yet, anyway.

“No.” I voice my thoughts,  and then, I say stupidly, not realizing the possible consequences. “Ask me a Truth question instead.”

“Do you really love Albus Severus?”
This is even worse.

No, this is horrible. This is the end of my life. I think about my answer. I could just tell Albus, and be done with it. But I wasn’t ready for that. Besides, he would probably blush again (even though it’s cute when he blushes) and then ignore me the rest of our life. I mean our lives. Like, separate. Oh, just get it over with.

“Uh” I say, still not sure. Albus is looking out the window. I wonder if that blush has returned, but I can’t see his face.  “Maybe”

“Be honest.”

My God I really hate Scorpius Malfoy right now.

“I don’t know. That’s the truth.” I say. Because I’m sure Albus is listening.

“Okay” Scorpius says. “Specify the meaning of ‘I don’t know’.”

“I need to leave” I say, because I do.  Also I don’t want to keep talking about this.”This has been great, and I haven’t done any studying, but I’m late for something” I get up and leave.

I storm back to the Ravenclaw common room, and stomp to the girls’ room, I then lock myself in a shower and think my life out. It’s really sad, but considering the fact that I just embarrassed myself in front of the boy of my dreams and promptly stormed off, I need to cry. So I do. I cry and cry and cry, and listen to love songs through my headphones. Its almost an hour before I realize the Quidditch Team is going to come back from practice, and the girls will need the showers.

I put a straight face on and go to my bed. I hide behind the stupid astronomy book, and think of what to say to Albus Severus when I see him in Herbology tomorrow.

For, admittedly not the fist time in my life, I wish it would all just evaporate.

And then something weird happened. Even though I was inside, a rogue Bludger from the Hufflepuff Quidditch practice found it’s way through the Ravenclaw Girl’s dorm window.

And just like that, everything went black.